Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My reflection on the tower :)

My reflection

Reflection Questions
1.What have you done today?
Today is the first day of school and we did many ice breakers activities.Through that we get to know each other. 
2.How have your grown from today's activities?
Today I learnt many things.One of them was the 3 Rs which right,role and responsibilities and also how to use the mac.
3.How should you behave when doing groupwork?
I came to SST as SST has a whole new way of learning by using technology. 
4.Why are there differences of opinions?
What aspire me is that I am very surprise that my seniors are able to speak confidently to any adult or even a crowd.So i want to be just like them.
5.Why are you happy to be a member of your class?
This is the picture that i best describe as responsibility as everyone is paying attention to the teacher.